Sherry Jordan's Small Business Book Cover "Plan It! Do It! Love It"

I am excited to be near completing my upcoming book on living the small business lifestyle, “Plan it! Do it! Love it!” It is going to be everything small business owners and aspiring small business owners need to know about getting on top of their planning, maximizing their resources, and coming to the place where the love what they do and do what they love – everyday!

Please enjoy this sneak peak:

Love it!

The small business lifestyle is: fulfilling dream or a calling; more time to spend with family and friends; more time to do what you love; more  flexibility in how you spend your time; 100 percent control over how you are managed and motivated; doing what you love; loving what you do; serving a special community; and having an unlimited opportunity for earning. These are some of the many motivators for owning a business. Look at this list again. If you have owned your business for more than a few months you have probably already figured out that having it all is not nearly as easy as you thought it would be. Yet, fulfilling at least one of these motivators is imperative and must be a priority. That one motivator is to love what you do. Not just some of the time but all of the time. It is what owning your own business is all about. You must wake up every morning knowing you have the best job in the world. If you do not, why not let someone else go to bed worrying about how they will manage the challenges tomorrow?

I have owned my own business for over a decade. I continue to operate The Northwest Coaching Group, Inc. because it fulfills my passion for helping and learning; gives me complete control over my time (whether I take it or not is a choice); allows me to practice my strengths and abilities; provides me with a an income that suits my needs; inspires me to try new things and meet new people; keeps me engaged in a pursuit that is worthwhile; and I know that I control my destiny. All of this is “well and good,” but if I could not say I love it then it would just be a job. The great news for me is I do love it. I always have. I feel so fortunate to have had, like you, the courage to step out on my own and make it happen. It was not always easy and I am sure it will not be easy during certain cycles in the future, but it is everything I want it be. What about you? Why do you own your business? Does it “feel” like you thought it would? Did you think you would love it but then find out the opposite? Did you think you would love it and you are not quite there yet? No one can answer these questions but you. Do not be afraid of the answer. It is the basis of your business success and a contributor to the quality of your life.

Stay tuned for more on how you can love your small business lifestyle, including practice tips, advice from your peers, coach’s challenges and simple processes and resources for getting all your small business ducks in a row. Book and website resources coming soon.

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