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Coaching is a reflective approach to personal and professional development to create awareness, generate action, and facilitate growth. Improve your performance by helping individuals to develop new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors. If you are a leader, executive, or small business owner, this is for you.


Sherry Jordan writes and publishes books that support her coaching and consulting practice. Her work is full of practical information designed to resonate with business owners and leaders.


Consulting is more than just giving advice. It is expert guidance for work with a specific problem. You define the problem and solutions emerge naturally from the research, diagnosis, and agreed action. Sherry’s experience with organization design or development, people issues, planning, and marketing basics can move your company forward.

Take control of your future.

Whether you are a corporate executive, a small business owner, or a developing leader, working with an experienced coach can give you an edge in overcoming business or career obstacles, identifying and leveraging your strengths, creating strategic action plans, and reaching your goals.

If you have drifted from your plans or have difficulty being accountable, remaining focused, being organized, prioritizing or using your time wisely, the right coach can help you stay on track.

Using my corporate executive and small business experience I can assist you in setting a course for the results you desire. Using my education and experience in human relations I can guide you through the development of powerful relationships that are the root of professional achievements. Along the way, I can provide you with a resource to address conflict in your workplace or in your work relationships.

Invest a few minutes in your tomorrow. Set up a short telephone or virtual meeting to discuss how coaching can work for you. Remember,

Your success is my business.

~Sherry B Jordan

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