Constructive Feedback For Employees - Sherry Jordan Coach

Feedback: The Key to Top Performance

Feedback is information one person gives another person about how their actions and behavior impact performance or outcome of a project or practice. While it requires time, careful communication, and sometimes researching possible solutions, feedback is not optional. It is a responsibility for both leaders and managers. Not all feedback is positive, but whether it […]

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Members of a family owned business benefit from open communication.

10 Tips to Improving Communication in a Family-Owned Business

Differences and disagreements between family members in business together are virtually inevitable. The constant contact in both work and family settings and the difficulty of separating business relationships from family relationships are just two of the factors that can bring feelings to bear and disagreements to the forefront in daily business operations. I have worked […]

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A small business owner using leadership and people management skills to coach an employee

Successful People Management Begins at the Top

While the direct manager of any person has a great impact on not only their performance but their development and their satisfaction, the foundation for effective people management begins with the values, attitude, and willingness to invest from the highest levels of leadership. In simple terms, effective management of people begins at the top. In […]

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