The Right Coaching for Your Goals




No matter what challenges lie ahead in your professional career, one-on-one coaching can be an effective tool to help you take on those challenges and achieve your goals.

We'll work to improve your current skills and abilities in line with your career aspirations, and evaluate what your underlying motivations are, so that you can be successful in both existing and future opportunities.

Sherry Jordan offers three distinct styles of coaching, depending on your specific goals:

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is an important quality in both life and the workforce. Regardless of your chosen career path, possessing good leadership qualities can make a true difference in the rate at which your professional goals are met. With in-depth leadership training, you can take the first step to improving your abilities for greater advancement.

Leadership skill development training is perfect for those reaching towards new management positions. With your expert coach, you’ll learn some incredible skills to become a better leader.

You don’t need to settle for your current professional role. If you have the right motivation, Sherry can help you find the tools you need to meet, and even exceed, your career goals.

Strategic planning


Relationship Management

Role Modeling


Executive Coaching

Those who have already reached their dream executive positions can still benefit from some expert guidance. As an experienced executive coach, Sherry Jordan believes in making your success about more than just your title. You’ll learn how to motivate employees, orchestrate change in an organization, how to negotiate, how to communicate responsibly, and much, much more.

Sherry has experience in top positions and expertise in human behavior and psychology. With the right guidance, you can become a better boss with the potential to take your company to the next level of success.

A unique challenge that executives face is the time investment their high-level position now requires. This can make it difficult on loved ones and finding that balance between home and work is harder than ever. Sherry Jordan believes this is an important priority in professional happiness, so we integrate it into our sessions.

Business Coaching

Starting a new business can be an overwhelming venture, and you’ll run into many obstacles that you’ve likely never faced in your previous career endeavors. As a business coach, Sherry Jordan can help guide new business owners to a successful launch, or assist existing CEOs in taking their organization to the next level.

In these business coaching sessions, we focus on developing business savvy, so that you’ll be better prepared to make the tough decisions you’ll face down the road. You set your own goals for your business, and we will break down the process and direct your attention to right path in achieving them.

This benefits of coaching you in your business centers around our ability to help you solve problems. As you face the day-to-day challenges, Sherry can give you the knowledge to adapt and meet the issues head-on.

Love Your Business – by Sherry B. Jordan 

Sherry Jordan examines your current role and your future goals to provide personalized, professional coaching services to get you where you want to go in your career. Contact Sherry Jordan today with all your questions or to receive more information.

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