Small business leadership: Empowerment

Staff members who are empowered are more likely to be engaged in promoting the mission, vision, and values of your business. Empowering others means you will provide the knowledge, clear instruction, training, and opportunity for others to perform. This includes giving them permission to devise their own approach and act on it as long as […]

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Plan It Book

Lost that loving feeling (for your small business)?

“Loving” your business is about having the right relationship with it. Just like the relationship you have with your partner or spouse, a long-term business love takes commitment, compromise and sacrifice. It also means the relationship is built on shared values and goals. If your business vision or mission doesn’t align with your personal values, […]

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Effective Feedback Sandwich

Small Business Leadership: Effective Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is a leadership skill which creates a forum for open, constructive communication. The ability to give and receive feedback is needed for the growth and development of both leader and follower. Feedback is the information one person gives another person about how their actions and/or behavior are impacting their outcomes. Feedback […]

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