Work your plan“Plan your work and work your plan.” The origins of this saying are unknown but it has been quoted as inspiration by many from Vince Lombardi to Margaret Thatcher. Translation: having a plan is of little use if you take no action. You know what you want and what it will take to get it. Now, do it! You have a plan — “work the plan.”

This section of my upcoming book, Plan It! Do It! Love It!  — your guide to living and loving your small business lifestyle, guides you through the action of building, growing and maintaining your small business. You can think of it as the sixth step in planning: taking action to deliver your vision. Using your plan as a roadmap, you will move from your current situation, one milestone at a time, to the place you want to be: your vision.

Along the way I give you advice based on my experience and the experiences of my small business clients. Avoid the mistakes, pitfalls, and missed opportunities of thousands of successful business owners. Adopt new practices. Create new systems. Change your behavior. Watch your business thrive. It all starts with your commitment to be accountable to this plan that you created by working through the beginning section of my book. Essentially, to go out and “just do it” you need to focus on the following concepts as they apply to your small business vision.


When and how you will stay on track with your newly created business plan

Plan review

How to regularly review and update your plan for the ultimate success

Accountability partner(s)

Why you need them, how to find them, and how to make them work with you and for you

Take action

How to put into play all the things you want to accomplish to meet your goals

Look forward to my book being available in the coming months and let me help you with organizing all aspects of running your small business successfully. In the meantime, share your tips for small business success with the hashtag #planitdoitloveit