Being a small business owner does not qualify you as a small business leader. That role is one that you earn. It is learned one lesson at a time and refined through experience, exposure, mistakes and the learning that comes from practice. Is it worth it? Yes! Why? Because small business leaders drive business success. They are the strong and steady force that inspires their team to work harder and accomplish more. Leaders bind people together creating a bond that encourages each team member to strive harder, go farther, and reach new levels of professionalism and performance. Organizations lead by strong leaders are more profitable, more productive, and more often by top performing employees than those that are not.

Developing the leader within you takes commitment and dedication. It takes your willingness to be vulnerable to feedback and the opinions of others. It is a process that is made easier by working with the right coach, using the right development process.

The Right Coach

The right coach makes the difference! Sherry Jordan is a coaching veteran. She has coached hundreds of professionals to higher levels of leadership performance. She is an author and a speaker on the subjects of small business and small business leadership and a recognized expert in the field.

Cultivating SBO Leaders Gets Results

This program is designed specifically for small business owners. The Cultivating SBO Leaders ~ 5 Steps to Leadership Excellence™ process is customized to the everyday challenges and responsibilities of this unique individual. It takes into account the closely held nature of relationships and the emotional impact of small business path to success.

The 360 Interview Process help clients to discover their blind spots and build on strengths. Coach and client set leadership goals and design a plan to reach them. Along the way Sherry guides clients through real situations and circumstances that allow them to practice new skills. Each client has a direct connection to Sherry throughout the duration of the arrangement and can draw on that relationship as the need arises for guidance, support, and feedback.

Coaching Changes Everything

SBO most often seek to master the following skills:

  • Creating a vision
  • Planning and accountability
  • Effective management of people
  • Effective communication
  • Focus and Priorities
  • Building powerful relationships
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Coaching
  • Feedback
  • Influencing and Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Role Modeling

The Coaching Process

Cultivating SBO Leaders – 5 Steps to Leadership Excellence

Step 1: Identify the goals for change
Step 2: Reflection and Feedback – Direct Reports, Peers, Self (360 Interview Process)
Step 3: Strategy for change including measurements
Step 4: Sustain action and progress – regular feedback with coach
Step 5: Assess progress and reset goals

Connecting Your Way

Sherry offers a variety of ways to connect including phone, internet platform (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.) or, for a small fee, in person at your location within 30 miles of Portland, Oregon.

Let’s Get Started

If you are ready to get started just fill out the form below, write to Sherry at sherry@sherryjordancoach.com, or call 971-770-5123. Sherry offers a 20-minute complimentary telephone consultation to answer questions and share more about how this process might work for you.

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