Hi thanks for stopping by, I am Sherry Jordan and I am a Business Coach. And I want to address a very special situation. If you’re someone who is in business with your life partner or your spouse, you fall into a very special population, with some very special challenges. You not only have to navigate the challenges of business success, but you also have to maintain a very happy and healthy intimate relationship and home life. There are some keys to success. I want to share those with you.

The first is to make sure that your job, the job that you’ve agreed to do in the business is a good fit for you, not just convenient. Often we agree to do something that is not a good fit for our talent, our skillset, just because it’s a job that someone needs to do in the business, and you happen to be available. So again good fit for you, not just convenient.

The second is that you have a very clear roles and responsibilities that each of you understands in detail, what will be required of you. And that you agree give each other the authority and the power that comes with that particular role, that you relinquish to that other person whatever has been agreed on.

The third is that you have a very clear boundaries, and this is the area most commonly… with that most commonly becomes a problem with spouses and life partners. Is too much home in work and too much work in home. And I want to remind you that you can certainly have a very well-balanced flexible relationship at home and in your work life as long as you are clear about the amount of time that you will spend doing both, or each I should say.

Lastly, you need someone to help you sort out the differences. That you should be a Business Coach and Consultant or Consultant. Someone who understands your business, understands the two of you and your goals and your vision and can help you to sort through any challenges that you might run into you because you are life partners and business partners. So find a business coach today if you don’t have one, if you need more information for me, I hope you’ll give me a call. I am Sherry Jordan, thanks for stopping by.