missionvisionThink back. Do you remember the moment you decided to open your small business? Do you remember the picture that popped into you head when you first realized it was a real possibility to open, operate, and succeed by promoting your own products or services? No, really, stop and try to remember.

What did you see?

The picture that sprung into your mind’s eye was very possibly the purest vision you will ever have of what is possible for you and your business. It was the vision you had for your future. It was untarnished by the mistakes, challenges and disappointments that are a real part of any small business. It might have been “dream-like.” Maybe you even saw more than you now believe is possible in your lifetime. That moment, that picture, is what a “vision” is all about.

If you’ve lost touch with that vision, it may just take stepping back and getting a plan in place to get you back on track to doing what you do best — living, and loving, your small business vision. If you’re just starting out down the path of small business ownership, you need a plan to make that relationship stand the test of time, and be in line with your personal values and goals.

Your planning process begins with a clear view of your vision. This is what you want to do, be, have, or have accomplished on or by a particular point in time. As your business changes and matures your vision will change with it. The vision you had in mind in the beginning may be different, even very different, from the vision you will have for the next twelve months. This  vision will be different from the next and so on. You will create a new vision every time you plan. You will update it as the need arises. You will adjust it as the circumstances demand.

How does your mission differ from your vision? How do you deploy both at the beginning, or the refresh, of your planning stage build the business you’ll love to spend time working on? Let me help. Through years of experience coaching small business owners just like you, I have developed a step by step program to help you meet your vision and live the life you’ve dreamed of. Pre-order Plan It! Do It! Love It! today and get started being outrageously successful in your small business lifestyle.

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