gratitudeEvery year Thanksgiving is the gateway to the holiday season. It is also the time of year when we pause to review our blessings and acknowledge all we have to be grateful for. It’s nice to have this time of year to encourage us to reflect and remember how we are blessed. Why do we not take advantage of this”attitude of gratitude” all the year through? Let’s vow that in the year ahead we will be “thankful” all year and see what happens.

Do you know that when you dwell on all the reasons you have to be grateful, you open yourself to even more good? A gratitude practice breeds a sense of “abundance” and this shifts thinking to the positive, which often results in even more positive outcomes. Living in gratitude promotes wellness, productivity, creativity, and much more. You could experience improvements in relationships, your career, and the performance of your business. When you live in gratitude you feel can do anything! Isn’t that reason enough to commit to a gratitude practice?

So, let the practice of gratitude begin. I challenge you to:

1)  Ask yourself: What am I grateful for at this moment, this week, this month, this year? Start a list. Add to it daily.

2)  List at least one reason you are thankful for your mate, your closest friend, your children, your co-workers, your clients, your community, your network, or anyone or anything that is important to you. Share your thoughts. Sharing gratitude makes it even more powerful.

3)  Make a list of all the “possibilities” for your future. Focus on those that will bring you joy and happiness. What do you dream of? What do you hope for? Not just in your personal life — but your professional life, too.

My mother was famous for reminding me that in life all we really control is our attitude. If this is true, why not take full advantage of your power? Make this your year to maximize the power of your attitude. Sit back and see what happens! Then pass it on. This is a practice for everyone.