This is part 1 in a series of posts on small business leadership.

Traditionally small business owners wear all or most of the “hats” in their business. They administer, produce, sell, package, market, track, repair and more. They have responsibility for all aspects of business success.  It is often difficult for small business owners to identify the benefits of delegating. Fearing that others will not, or cannot deliver the same quality or service they hesitate to give up control.

If you are a business owners asking yourself, “How does delegating help me?” then here are a few reasons why developing the delegation skill is to your benefit.

Reclaim your time

Every small business owner could use more time. There just never seems to enough to get it all done. Delegation allows you to move activities and tasks from your calendar to someone else’s and the result is more available time to focus on high value activities like planning, development, negotiating, building partnerships, networking and more. It also allows you to have enough personal time to enjoy owning your business and not be overwhelmed by the time commitment of running your business alone.

Build a strong team

Whether you are delegating to employees or to a paid resource you can build a team that is stronger together than you can be on your own. If you have the right people doing the right jobs you have the assurance that your business can operate continuously no matter what is happening in your personal life.

Delegating also sends a message to employees that they are valuable to your business. If they feel valued they are more likely to show you loyalty, work hard, be innovative and be fully engaged.


Multiple resources can, and should result in better efficiency. With proper planning and communication you can develop a system that suits your needs. The more people contributing energy to the process the more efficient you can be.

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