You may be in business for yourself, but you don’t have to be in business by yourself. Coaching means you don’t have to go it alone.



Here are the Top 10 Reasons to hire an Executive Coach:

  1. Trusted Advisor: A coach is someone with whom you can share executive challenges in confidence, someone who will offer an insightful outside perspective, and someone who will assist you in finding solutions.
  2. Planning: Most entrepreneurs understand the value of having a strategic business or marketing plan, but many do not have one in place.  A coach can assist you in identifying your overall objectives and creating a plan to achieve them within reasonable time frames.
  3. Accountability: Your strategic plan is only one aspect of professional growth and success. Accountability is the intersection of intention, action, and results.   Entrepreneurs often work in isolation and therefore require outside accountability. Executive coaches often act as accountability partners and offer individual and group accountability options for their clients.
  4. Leadership Vision, Influence & Creation:  Entrepreneurs are visionaries by definition and influencers by nature.   They know what they want and build momentum by sharing their vision with others. Coaching connects you with other experienced professionals who will share and amplify your vision.
  5. Marketing, Networking, & Building Strategic Partnerships: In which professional relationships should you be investing your time?  Where are you likely to meet your ideal strategic partners?  Executive coaching will assist you in networking, connecting, and nurturing the business relationships that mean the most to your success as a business owner.
  6. Sales & Business Development:  Selling is an integral part of the development of any business, but many entrepreneurs have yet to fully indentify their target audience and articulate exactly how they meet the needs of that audience in a distinct way.  Coaching helps you get specific and create measurable results.
  7. Time Management: “So much to do, and too little time!” This is the cry of many entrepreneurs, particularly those who find themselves in an active growth phase of business.  Coaches specialize in the prioritization of tasks, the achievement of goals, and the management of schedules… so busy entrepreneurs can invest their time in the wisest and most profitable activities.
  8. Organizational Development: To grow or not to grow?  This is a common question as entrepreneurs determine when and if to add employees or inventory, or expand to new locations and markets.  A coach can help you access the risks and consequences and develop a plan to realize the decision, and also manage issues such as culture development, employee profiles, and change.
  9. Relationships: The quality of your business success is directly correlated to the quality of your relationships and the way you show up in business and life.  This may be the single most important aspect of business ownership, and is certainly the cornerstone of good coaching.
  10. Conflict Resolution & Negotiation: Along with any successful business comes the potential for employee issues, client issues, contract disputes,   and of learning what to say (and when) to create the most positive outcome for all.

Your effectiveness as an entrepreneur executive is inextricably tied to your vision, leadership, goals and results.   As a coach specializing in the unique needs of the entrepreneur executive, I provide support to increase your success… from the inside out.  I’ll help you to become a clearer decision-maker, stronger leader, and more effective business person.

Your success is my business.

Let’s talk,

~Sherry B. Jordan