Pay It Forward

It’s that time of year again. No, not the time of hustle and bustle, overindulging, over decorated yards, rampant shopping and out of control spending — but the time when we think about giving. Yes, children will have a long list for Santa but most of us — moms, dads, and small business owners are thinking more about what we will give than receive. Not just because we are the ones with the means, but because we know giving is much more satisfying than receiving. We crave the feeling we get from making someone else happy, putting a smile on the face of someone we love, and showing gratitude for the gifts we have received the whole year through from family, friends, and clients. The act of giving seems to change the energy around us.

Recent studies revealed giving has a chemical effect on us. The pleasure center of our brain lights up when we give. Our endorphins are activated. The hormone oxytocin floods our body, making us feel more connected to others and lowering our stress.

As a small business owner there will be times when, for what seems no particular reason, everything stops. After months or even years of networking, selling, building, and promoting, your business stalls. The phone does not ring. The projects dry up. No one walks through the door. When this happens to you, my advice is: give something away to get it rolling again. Pay it forward. It will come back to you. Not just in the feeling you experience but because giving almost always opens up the pathways for business to flow back to you. Try it! And let me know what happens.

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