Link your biz plan to your life priorities

Life is work and work is life for small business owners. For this reason it is vitally important the two be in sync.

I have a new book on the board for 2016 and I know I will need time to research and write. I also have a new granddaughter on the way in March, a 25th year wedding anniversary trip to Scotland, and a book tour for Plan It! Do It! Love It! My calendar is built around these important events.

As you begin planning for 2016 start with an assessment of your life priorities for the year ahead. What will be happening around you? What needs your attention? Are you getting married? Having a child? Have you committed to run a marathon? Are you parents aging? Be sure your plan allows time for you to attend to the important things in your life. Allow for resources to support those needs in your budget. Set a schedule that gives you the time you will need to be present for important dates.

Remember, to live an outrageously successful small business lifestyle you must plan with life in mind.

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