Choose Your Tribe Wisely

If you don’t follow John Lee Dumas and his podcast “Entrepreneur on Fire,” you should. He is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. His messages are inspiring – and you can never get enough inspiration.

In December, John did a series on having the courage to live the life you want most. It was a great reminder that having regrets when you are dying is just not necessary. Taking control of your life now and living it to the fullest including having the career, business, relationships and wellness you deserve is a choice. He reminded us we should surround ourselves with the people we want to spend our time with. John said: “[We are] born with a tribe mentality. That mentality dictates if we aren’t accepted by our tribe, we’re kicked out, and if we’re kicked out, we die. Ten thousand years ago there was some reality to that. Today? We CHOOSE our tribes. No longer are we locked into whatever region we happen to be born in. We can seek out OUR people, and live OUR lives according to OUR standards.”

If you and your business are going to reach your full potential, you have to be a member of the right “tribe.” You need the resources to help you to fill your gaps in knowledge, experience, skill, and performance. You also need professional service providers who support your business needs and give you choices in how you spend your time, money, and energy. Finally, you must, I repeat, must work with only those who are the best fit for your values and vision. This means both staff and clients. Here are a few ideas on building a tribe to help you realize your vision and, in doing so, help you to experience all the joy you desire from being a small business owner:

  1. Hire the right staff.
    Be sure your staff is a good fit for your vision and values. They should be the best the market has to offer in skill and ability, have the right attitude, buy into your vision, and conduct themselves professionally.
  2. Build powerful partnerships.
    Strategic partnerships can help you to build your business in a cost effective and productive way. They can also help you grow and develop professionally as a leader/owner. Select them carefully and commit time to building the relationship slowly.
  3. Build relationships with professional service providers.
    Find and secure relationships with a business attorney, accountant, human resources professional, business coach or consultant, and any other professional who will protect your business and help you operate more efficiently and productively.
  4. Work with clients that respect and appreciate the relationship.
    Not every client is right for you and your business model. Define your target client and make a commitment to serve them with excellence. Cut any relationships that drain your energy, your profit, or your time.
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