I am Sherry Jordan and I’m the president and the founder of the Northwest Coaching Group.

You know business success rarely happens by accident. And sustainable business success never happens by accident. It takes careful planning, deliberate execution and a commitment to the accountability of the plan.

Every plan starts with a clear vision. A vision of what you want for your business success and when you plan to arrive there. Then you want to take stock of your current situation, what do you have to work with? What are your assets and your strengths? What about your weaknesses and your liabilities? Where are your best opportunities? And what things might threaten your business success that you don’t control?  Know how you’ll measure your progress, how you’ll monitor your situation. What are your targets? Be committed to monitor them on a regular basis.

And now you want to decide what strategies will close the gap between where you are today and what you want for your business success? Once you’ve identified those strategies, you’ll want to outline in detail the actions, the activities, the projects that it will take to deliver on that strategy. Make sure that you assign a responsible party and give each a deadline for delivery.

Then the last thing to do is just to identify someone that will help you be accountable to your plan. Someone that can share in the execution, I recommend that you think about a business coach. Someone that can be a resource for both you and your business.

At the Northwest Coaching Group we have helped hundreds of professionals and small business owners, from attorneys to farmers and retailers to remodelers design a plan that works best for them and their business goals. And then stood side-by-side with them as they delivered on that plan. We can help you too. So if you’re interested in learning more about how to create a business plan and find a business coach give us a call today we would love to answer your questions.