handshake-300x300We’ve all at some point heard this sage business advice:  do the right thing.

Beyond the obvious benefit of character development, doing the right thing may actually be the single greatest factor in business success.

The reason is simple.

Doing the right thing means keeping your agreements, telling the truth, and showing up fully and authentically in your communications. When you are able to do these things consistently, you gain credibility … and trust.

Building trust in business relationships is the single most important element of success, because people are naturally drawn to doing business with those they already know, like and trust.

Doing business with a person, rather than a faceless entity (company) just feels right.

Build trust and credibility by focusing your attention where it counts:

  • Develop strong listening skills.
  • Focus on the NEEDS of your prospective customer or client.  In other words, learn the fundamental needs of the people who are likely users of your products or services.
  • Provide information and value without expecting something in return.

In business relationships, some trust-building activities include:

  • Honest and forthright communication
  • Brainstorming with an open mind to new ideas
  • Project collaboration
  • Meeting all of your commitments and deadlines
  • Being prompt and on-time for all appointments
  • Following through with obligations and contracts
  • Face to face communication – no hiding behind e-mail and text
  • Showing authentic interest in the success of your business partners and clients

In the end, relationships – be they with clients, business partners or suppliers – will make or break your business success.

Until next time – your success is my business,

Sherry B. Jordan