As an entrepreneur and business leader, you’ve probably noticed that the language, systems and structure of business is ever-changing. Leadership is moving in the direction of self-awareness, and it is the self-inspired and courageous entrepreneurs who are leading the charge… and the change.

Change is inevitable.  The question is, how will you manage it?

Change and transition are bridges we cross to reach the next level of business and personal success.  At the heart of these critical processes are the questions that move us forward, that alter our perspectives, and that cause us to become aware of the intentions and actions that led us to this point.

It takes courage, perspective, and support to manage transition and embrace change. I am a professional coach with a strong background in business leadership and change management, and it is my passion and mission to support your process.

My coaching practice focuses on the unique needs of the Entrepreneur Executive.

First coined by French economist Richard Cantillon,  the term entrepreneur refers to a person who is willing to launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome. Entrepreneur executives are, by definition, high level leaders who are responsible for business organization, development, leadership and management. In short, they wear all the hats and thus require a special kind of support and coaching.  This level of coaching is my expertise.

Coaching is a process that drives leadership development through action, accountability, and measurable results.  It is a collaborative process between the coach and the client. While executive business coaches typically focus on the issues that come with managing people, as an Entrepreneur’s Executive Coach I am able to expand the focus to include challenges of planning, business development, financial responsibility, recruiting, talent management, business resources and entrepreneurial leadership.

Coaching can assist you in reaching your full leadership potential. I can provide customized support systems based upon your unique professional needs.  My training and extensive background experience make me uniquely qualified to ask the right questions to get to the heart of every challenge… and then help you to solve it.

Your partner in success,

Sherry B. Jordan

Northwest Coaching Group