Develop Your Strengths In work and in life, you are your best asset. We are always looking for ways to improve our chances to succeed, to get the job, to make more money, to be more of what we want to be or have more of what we want to have. Often we feel we have little, or no control over what we receive when in fact we have the most control over our best asset: ourselves.

It all starts with an awareness of our strengths, abilities, talents and attitudes. Have you taken an inventory lately? If not, I recommend you do. We have a tendency to focus on all that we deem negative and try to “fix” it. We spend more time on those areas of weakness and less on the advantages we have. There has been plenty written on this subject and yet we still focus our efforts on improving everything from self-image, to academic performance to employee performance. We circle around areas that we feel less confident in, instead of those where we have the best opportunity to excel. Don’t make that mistake.

Once you know what you do best, build on it. Invest in it. Promote it.

If you are a job seeker, apply for positions that are a good match for you. Highlight your talents, abilities, strengths and experience in your resume. Outline them in your cover letters. Talk about them in your interviews. Identify areas where you are already strong and where more training, experience, or education could improve your chances for advancement and make the investment in those.

If you are a business owner, do not try to be everything to everyone. Identify what you do best. Know what makes you unique. Focus on a market or target client that will value what you have to offer and promote who you are and what you have that will meet their needs.

If you are just an individual that wants more from life than you are getting today, then identify what you do best, accept those things as your strengths, talents and abilities and be who you are. That will always be more than enough.