nomorebuts“I want a new career, BUT the holidays are never a good time to search.”

“I haven’t reached my small business goals this year, BUT there isn’t enough time left to make it happen.”

“I would like to be a better leader, BUT I am too busy to practice new skills.”

Sound familiar? Then you are guilty of using the “but” excuse. It is easy to do. Sometimes the effort to do, be, or have what we want seems insurmountable. Yet, achieving what you want most starts with the belief you are capable of doing whatever is necessary to succeed. So, starting right now, I want you to get off of your BUT. No excuses. Develop a short term plan — one for the next few weeks remaining in 2015. Then, do what it takes each day to make it happen.

Skeptical? Fight the feeling. Taking action will do great things for you. It gives you confidence to do more. It gives you energy. It moves you closer to having what you want most. So what are you waiting for? Every journey starts with a single step. Decide what the step will be every day this week. Put it on the calendar. Act on it. By the end of the week you will be seven steps closer to having what you need in your business, your career, or in your executive leadership role.

By the way, once you master the no “but” excuses, work on your “ifs” and “ands.”

Best wishes for a very productive week!