Half of 2014 has almost come and gone.  How are you doing on your plans for this calendar year?  With just a few weeks left, it is a great time to review your business plan; examine how things are going and adjust your goals to match your vision for the next six months.


  • Your goals and grade your performance.
  • Update your reporting and documentation.
  • Identify where your business originated from. Create profiles of your best performers.
  • Where did you have the most success? Why?
  • What did people “buy”? What motivated them?
  • What were the objections your customers/clients raised? Are changes needed?
  • What did you want that you did not get? Why?
  • What opportunities did you take? Or not take?
  • What will you repeat in the next six months? What will you let go of?


Now, turn your attention to the months ahead. Set aside time to update your plans, or schedule a long appointment with your business coach and take the first step to closing the gap on any goal you have set for this year. Here are this business coach’s suggestions for your plan focus:

Adjust your “vision” for success: 

What do you want? Be very clear with your intentions. Outline specific and positive facts covering the amount of business you want to create, the income you want to make, the number of clients you want to have, the products and services you will sell, the people you will surround yourself with, growth plans or reorganization intentions, expense reductions, new contracts, markets you want to penetrate. Include every detail. Write it down. Make it a document that can travel with you through the year and mark your calendar to review it monthly.

Adjust your measurements:  

Are the goals you set at the beginning of the year still appropriate? Increase or decrease as needed.  Remember that a measurement is most powerful when it is inspiring.  It should be attainable but a little out of your reach. If you do not have measurements, set them. Many of my clients include revenue, numbers of clients, percentages of active accounts, ratios of expense to income, staff size, rankings, and your volume of products or services. Use whatever best describes your goals in a measurable way.

Update your action plan:

Which of the actions you planned can you mark “complete” and what needs to be added?  Put them on your calendar or in a project plan that you can use as a road map for your success.

Be Prepared:

Even the best laid plans can be sabotaged. Here are a few things to consider now before they happen:

  • What are the roadblocks to the success of my plan? How will I avoid them or deal with them?
  • What objections are there to buying the product or service? How will I overcome them?
  • What are my “limiting beliefs”? Where do I lack confidence or have a belief that could keep me from reaching my plan goals? Dispute them!

Know Your Resources

Finally, mobilize your army. Identify the resources that can help you to reach your goals and realizing your vision.

  • Who is your trusted network?
  • Who can you count on to help you market?
  • Where will your referrals come from?
  • Who are your affiliates or partnerships? Who shares your client? Can you serve them jointly?

Now take a deep breath and acknowledge that all your possibilities are ahead of you. Be clear that you cannot drive results looking in the rear view mirror. Close the door on all that is passed and focus your attention on all that lies in the months to come. Remember, success in life and business is a journey, not a destination, and be grateful for the opportunities you have yet to realize.