If you are a small business owner without a business coaching partner, you may still be seeking answers to the question: “How can a business coach help me succeed?”  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of answers to this question. I want to showcase just a few.


  • A business coach is an investment in your business success. The right coach is trained in business and educated in human and organizational development. They have experience that can help you to avoid mistakes and lower expenses. They offer you resources that can help you close the gap between those things you do really well and those you do not do as well.
  • They will enable you to identify the details of your vision for success and uncover what might stand in your way of achieving it. A coach will help you devise a plan and offer you tools to improve your skills. They will partner with you to overcome your obstacles and roadblocks.
  • You can rely on a coach to motivate you when you drift and hold you accountable to grow faster and get more of what you want with less effort.
A business coach helps you to succeed by:
  • Creating time to focus on your business and what you want to achieve.
  • Facilitating your visioning and planning process.
  • Holding you accountable to your plans.
  • Challenging, motivating and supporting you.
  • Playing devil’s advocate when needed.
  • A safe supportive environment to discuss your issues and test your ideas.
  • Providing you with resources to get what you want most.
  • Using their experience to help you avoid mistakes and lower expenses.
  • Joining with you to celebrate success.
Coaches come in all “shapes and sizes”.  Take your time and find the one that is right for you.  Your coach should have experience in working with small business owners and, while not critical, it is helpful if they have history in your industry. They should be willing to give references that will share their experiences. They should fit into your budget and offer a variety of programs that are convenient for your schedule.  Finally, a coach should be someone that you feel “gets you” and that you easily communicate with. You must respect them and believe they respect you. Do not settle for less. The right coach is out there and can be a valuable partner in your business success.