An executive coach can help you build or refine skills that are critical to your performance as a leader and decision maker.  Here are three of the most important that are often selected as executive coaching goals.

Time management is the skill that executives most often report that have trouble with.    Many business owners and executives report feeling that they never get caught up, that there never seems to be enough time in which to accomplish all that needs to be done. Personal and family time suffer and still there is not enough time.  Executives turn to an executive coach to help them set boundaries, reallocate resources and implement priorities. And, because “time management” is really about making better “choices”, they work with their coach to identify how the choices they are making impact their schedules.

Delegation may be the gateway to growth but it can be challenging to implement. Many executives get caught in the trap of feeling delegating is a relinquishing of control. Generally, they know that delegation will allow them the time needed work on executive level responsibilities such as planning, strategy, leadership, decision making and organizational development.  However, they still struggle with identifying those responsibilities that can be carried out by others, delegating them and then getting out of the way so that others can complete their assignments. Executives work with their coach to identify the characteristics of the right resources, refine the art of recruitment, craft and cascade a vision,  set expectations,  hold others accountable, and reward results.


Creating a vision and inspiring others to follow it is the primary responsibility of any leader.  Executives rarely have trouble developing a vision but often have trouble disseminating clearly and with inspiration. Vision creation and cascading the message with inspiration is in the “communication” skill set. Executive coaches often specialize in communication techniques and can assist anyone in improving their communication skills.

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